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Chinese President Hu Jintao was in Chicago last week to meet with Mayor Richard Daley to discuss jobs creation. The President and Mayor were to meet to focus on economic ties between China and Chicago.

Today's Android smartphones sport exceptionally powerful snappers compared to past models. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the HTC Sensation XE, and the bone conduction headphones amazon RAZR all sport 8 megapixel sensors. However, none of them come close to the camera on board the older Nokia N8. Despite not sporting a dual-core processor and a larger touch screen, it still sports a 12 megapixel camera. This is currently the most powerful in the market. Not for long.

Another special purpose player that also comes with a very heavy dose of "cool" is the Oakley Split Thump sunglasses that offer wireless music by integrating a player into a compact and wearable design. Very good for all outdoor activities, the Split Thumps work with both Windows and Mac plus have up to 1 GB of memory. These stylish sunglasses come in several colors, polarized lenses, and typical 8 hours of battery life. The only real drawback is the price, around $200.

There is no better feeling then being completely wireless. XBOX 360 provides the wireless controllers and topped off with a lapel radio microphone headset you are sure to be at your best. Tangle free and dependable the Wireless Headset Communicator is sure to be a hit this Christmas and holiday season. The wireless abilities of the headset microphone are phenomenal. It's clarity and sound pick up are remarkable and even better than the standard issued Microsoft wired microphones. They are snug to your ear and come with a battery charger to help extend your game play. The Microsoft Wireless Headset Communicator is thirty eight dollars before tax and worth every penny. If you are looking for the perfect accessory this holiday season then this is the purchase for you.

Many report that they enjoy the ability to use their underwater mp3 player anywhere in or under the water and are happy with the sound quality of bone conducting headphones. But there are also some who report that they must have their player at the highest volume which in turn reduces battery time. More volume is needed since hearing by earpiece for radio for security is less efficient.

If they cannot answer your question, I would strongly suggest looking elsewhere for a video producer who understands what you do and how to get your message across that will convert a viewer earphones vs earbuds vs headphones a caller. (The answer has nothing to do with selling your services either).

There have been many 3125 cingular reviews on the net, which have made sharp comment on the design of the cingular 3125 case. Yes, of course, it does resembles the Star Trek communicator, or perhaps a movie prop but definitely it has more edgy lines and surfaces for any body to explore. Moreover, you will not find the phone cluttered up by cushy mushy ridged textures. Overall, a 3125 cell cingular phone presents a very clean look. It possesses a brilliant internal and external displays, which is quite striking. In places, the 3125 Cingular seems a bit simple, but the operating system proves it is anything but, and the solid snap of the closing lid shows its design expertise.